My House By The Water

analog photography, 2017

The couples that I am taking pictures of presumably spent quite some time together. Lost in a moment, in their own world, they stop time and let us catch a breath, in the era of new media, the fast and many choices even more tangible.

A search for intimacy with strangers in strange places. An intimacy that is strange to me. How long before they notice me can I observe them ? The camera provides a safe distance. Still the moments are intimate, for a few seconds I can feel a connection. I am close to them, but I will never be as close as they are to each other.

The accompanying picture of the water exudes calmness, a glance in the future, a long- ing. It emphasises my way of approaching the subjects of my pictures. I am present- as well as the water in most of the other pictures- but I am never intervening directly with the situation.

Exhibition view, “Are We Closer Now”, EKA Galerii 2017

The photos were exhibited in an exhibition together with Laura Cemin at EKA Galerii, Tallinn.