Our Merry Green Land

video performance, photography, sound, 2018

Through artistic research I try to get to know my father as a person. I wanted to create space for him. Find a place for him in my life again and thereby discover my own role in our relationship.

We started off with a sociological experiment – the 36 questions  developed by Artur Arons in order to research on interpersonal relationships. Recently this experiment became popular as “the 36 questions you fall in love with” or “36 questions to use on a romantic date”. One part of the work is an 160min sound piece, documenting this talk, us going on a date, slowly opening up to each other.

From there I tried to find things that connect us, things we have in common. Things we enjoy and could do together. Through this approach two more videos developed. One in which we sing the duet  “Henry Lee” by Nick Cave and another one were I asked my dad to dance with me like he used to when I was little to “Into My Arms”, also a song of Nick Cave.