Melon Days

performance – mixed media, 2020

I carried a melon with me for a week. As one of my friends has given me a honey melon before I left and I couldn‘t bring it, it became a symbol for everything I had to leave behind in Vienna when moving to Helsinki.

Every time I went to the store, I stopped by the honey melons until I decided to finally buy one one day. I was surprised of how fast I got attached to it. I documented the whole process with video, photos, drawings and daily notes.

„.. last night I slept with it laying next to my head and in the morning the melon and my head had shaped two little nests in the bed, it seemed like we hardly moved all night. this morning I carried it in my backpack for some time, because it seemed more practical, but it didn‘t feel right. I have to carry it in my arms or hands. I have been holding it for so long, and it still feels so cold…“

Afterwards I did a live performance, telling the story of me and the melon. I tried to remember with my hands, what it felt like to hold the melon. then I read the my notes out loud. Finally I sang a love song. the love song is also available as video.