performative sculptures, 2020-ongoing

This collaborative work with Joe Keys came through conversations of containers, and how by filling them in a playful manner questions function and instinct. It explores possibilities to measure the geographical distance between us (Reykjavik – Vienna) and at the same time manifest our developing friendship. 

After meeting during an online course we tried to find ways of introducing ourselves and our art practice to one another by showing each other the objects we had on and around our desks. After some time of exchanging objects through video chat, photographs and text, the longing for something physical, in relation to the space outside of a screen, evolved. 

Inspired by our already existing exchange and the desire to hold something, which the other person has touched before, we decided to send each other empty containers via mail, to have them be filled and then returned by the other.

The work was shown in the exhibition “kirjasto/library” at forum box, Helsinki in December 2020.

photo credit: Noora Lehtovuori